Monday, March 26, 2012


I have made a new goal for myself.
Complete "Couch to 5K".
I'm inspiration to do this comes from THIS BLOG.  I think I've mentioned her blog before.
She dropped 30 pounds in 9 weeks with the help of Couch-to-5K!
If that's not inspiring I don't know what is!
You can find the Couch-to-5K program HERE.
I also found an app on my iPhone called C25K.
It's not the actual app that Couch-to-5K recommends.
The one I got is free.  Yes, I'm a cheap ass.
It appears to be very similar to the other one though.
I'll see how it works tonight!

James and I have talked about running a 5K.  I think this is the perfect aid.
I'm a horrible runner.  I've never liked it, not even when I was skinny.
I'd much rather place my chunky butt on the elliptical and plug away.
I actually find myself somewhat scared to run on the treadmill.
I'm afraid of what others will think as I'm attempting to run.
I WILL overcome these insecurities and I WILL become a runner.

The plan seems relatively easy.  I'm sure I'm underestimating it.
I'm sure I will be dripping in sweat, out of breath and want to die.
There's something about dripping in sweat that makes me feel great about my workout though.
I'm motivated and actually excited to start this tonight!
I want it to be 5:00 already.  Sore muscles await me.  HA!

I ordered an armband for my iPhone and it should be here tonight.
I'm very excited for that too.
I will be able to run with my music playing and not have to worry about my phone.
I hope to soon be able to run outside too.  :)

I will take more measurements and pics tonight.
Measurements have been great motivation for me lately.
I can't wait to see my body changing - just in time for summer and shorts!
I will keep updating my blog regularly with my progress!

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