Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Hearty Dose of Motivation!

I've been slacking at my blog posts.  I've had such great motivation outside of the internet world that I forget to share with you!  So let me share!

My last post I said that I was changing things up and oh boy, has it helped!  I've gone back to eating dinner before the gym.  I haven't necessarily been eating more though.  My calorie intake changes from day to day.  I try to stay right around 1100 calories but sometimes jump to 1300 too.  I'm pretty safe between those numbers I believe... and the scales shows it too!

In the past week I've dropped 3 pounds.  I took my measurements two weeks ago, Monday too.  I decided to take them again this past Monday and to my surprise, I had lost a total of 4 inches!  I'm incredibly proud of myself.  Seeing the numbers gives such great motivation.

James and I have been trying to go to the gym every day.  That doesn't always work but on average we're getting there at least 4 times a week.  4 days out of 7 isn't too shabby.  The past couple weeks I did strictly cardio.  30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 on the treadmill.  I'd go probably an average of 4-5 miles in the hour at the gym.

This week I've switched back to doing weights with James and holy crap!  I feel it!  I love feeling my muscles though.  It shows me that I'm actually doing something!  On top of the weights that we've been doing, we've also been throwing in some cardio time.  Usually about 30 minutes.  I stick to the elliptical for my cardio now.  I try to keep my pace up too.  Around a 6 or so for as long as I can manage.  I feel I'm getting stronger and have more endurance.  I did a mile in just over 9 minutes the past two days.  Not to shabby for someone who started this weight loss journey just over 2 months ago (not to mention having a starting weight of 190...).

Wow!  I think that's the first time I've admitted my weight in my blog!  (I will post my measurements in the near future too).  A starting weight of 190.  Today I'm weighing in at 177.    For those of you that don't like math, that's 13 pounds lost!  Yeah, 13 pounds in a 2 and a half month time frame may not seem that great but I will take what I can get!  I'm proud of every pound I've lost and I will continue working hard to see more results! 

 I have been ashamed of the number on the scale for so long.  It feels FANTASTIC to finally be in control of that number and to see the number continue to decrease.  I'm not saying that I'm totally confident again because I can assure you, I'm a ways from feeling completely confident about myself but I'm definitely getting there.  When I'm at the gym I find myself thinking about what others think of me.  In my head it's one of two way.  They either think "what is this fatty doing here... she look ridiculous... she isn't doing anything right..." or "good for her.... it's nice to see that she's working on her... more people should be like her..."  I would hope that people choose the latter of the two!  I know that I will always praise those that are overweight for being at the gym!

Here's my challenge for you... If you want to feel better and grow your confidence and belief in yourself... GET OFF THE COUCH AND GO TO THE GYM (or go for a run outside)!  One things that's great to always remember...

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