Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catch up!

I sure have been slacking at my regular posts.
It seems like a lot has changed in the past couple weeks.
More news to come in the following weeks so stay tuned! :P

To catch you up...

I've been taking my measurements for the past month.
I am able to see more progress by doing this than by just watching the scale I think.
In a month's time I have LOST 6 POUNDS & A TOTAL OF 4 1/2 INCHES!
4 1/2 inches compared to 6 pounds seems substantial to me.
Most of the inches have come off from my belly.
My blasted hips and butt haven't budge much so my pant size has yet to change.
I do notice a difference in how my clothes fit though.
I'm regaining my confidence.

I have had a bit of a dip in my motivation.
Both James and I haven't "felt like" going to the gym lately.
We have still made it a few days a week, just not as frequently as before.
I want to change that and get back to going on a regular basis.
Being active daily makes me feel so much better.
I firmly believe that motivation is a key to being successful at anything.
I need to find my motivation again!

I've decided that running is HARD!
It's a total mental thing and I haven't been able to wrap my head around yet.
James blows me out of the water with his abilities.
He told me stories about being in the Army and having to run.
I don't envy the things he had to do one bit! CRAZY!
I admire him for his abilities though.
I will be able to run one of these days!

Short and sweet today.
More updates to come in the near future.
Keep reading! :)

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