Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Babies, Vacation & Weightloss

It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd better give an update on life the past little while.

Since my last post we've had some ups and downs.  I think we are past the worst though and I'm hoping for a fabulous 2012!  Positive thinking brings positive things your way, right?  I keep telling myself that in hopes that the worst is behind us now.  :)

So to catch anyone reading up, I went back to the doc at the beginning of the month for another follow up appointment since the miscarriage.  I had been there weekly since and they were closely monitoring my HCG levels to make sure they were dropping.  I was overly nervous after the previous appointment because the doctor had told us that I may not be in the clear yet.  I hadn't had much, if any bleeding since that appointment so I felt uneasy.  They simply had me pee in a cup and did a regular pregnancy test to see what the outcome was.  NEGATIVE!  I have never been so relieved in my life.  The doc said that HCG test showed my levels being at 45 so she decided that if I got a negative pregnancy test, then we'd be in the clear!  So now I will let my body recover and we will try again in a couple months.

My sister had her sweet baby, baby Tyler.  He was born at 6:02 on December 28th, weighing in at 7lbs. 13oz and 19 inches long.  He's such a good baby.  You hardly hear him make a peep.  I love to cuddle the little guy.  I always forget how small newborns are.  They don't stay that little for long.  It's almost been 3 weeks since the little guy was born and he's already gained nearly 2 pounds.  Such a little stud.  He makes me smile through all of these tough times.

In lieu of the joy of a baby coming into our family, I find myself saddened by it too.  I see how happy my sister and brother-in-law are and I can't help but be a bit sad.  Instead of us getting to experience that happiness, we have to deal with our loss.  Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy and I am so happy he's here.  I'm ecstatic for the joy and happiness it has brought to my sister and her hubby too.  I'm sure it's just a slump, a slump that I'm not quite sure how to get past yet.  I just hope that this feeling doesn't last much longer.  It's horrible feeling depressed like this.

One a happy note, last week we were able to go on vacation.  We went to Las Vegas and attended the CES Convention (Consumer Electronics Show).  We had a blast.  The convention was huge!  In the 4 days that we were there, we didn't even get through all of the exhibits.  We saw so many cool new gadgets and came home wanting a boat load of them.  It was nice to have a bit of a break from reality too.  It was much needed!

Since coming home from our trip, I have started my weight loss journey.  Back on the wagon and eating healthy!  We went and signed up at the Gold's Gym Express near our house too.  It feels good to be active again.  I was surprised when I got on the elliptical machine for the first time in MONTHS and wasn't out of breath and kept a constant, lower heart rate the entire time.  I chalk that up to walking for days on end while we were in Vegas though. ;) 

I did put on a couple pounds (4 to be exact) while in Vegas but I noticed that my fingers and ankles seemed a bit swollen while we were in Vegas.  I dropped those 4 pounds within the first day of being home though so I'm right back to where I was before.  I was excited to get on the scale this morning to see that I have dropped 2 pounds.  I'm thinking it was all water weight but still, 2 pounds is two pounds!  That means only 28 more to go until I hit my goal!

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