Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm feeling great this morning.  The number on the scale has been agreeing with me this past week.  There's nothing like actually seeing the numbers go down to give you some much needed motivation!

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I finally go to the store and bought my favorite multivitamin last week.  Maybe it's in my head, but I think they help me out a ton.  If nothing else, I'm at least taking a multivitamin.  :)  I'm personally a huge fan of the GNC vitamins for women.  I personally take the Women's Ultra Mega Energy & Metabolism.  Before I miscarried, I also took their prenatal vitamins.  Both were great.  

I'm rather excited for this week.  I've decided to follow James around the gym so I can utilize my time there better.  He know what to do to work each muscle group a lot better than I do.  He's worked out in the past and has done really well.  I still feel like a fish out of water when using the equipment.  I know my muscles are going to be super sore but I'm totally looking forward to it.  I know that building muscle is an important part of weight loss.  This picture shows the different in volume of fat vs. muscle.  I want more muscle than fat!

I'm also exicted for this week because I will be getting an armband from Body Media .  I have done my research and I believe this may end up being the best aid in my weight loss.  I'm getting the Link Armband, which is Bluetooth enabled.
The armband will track everything day in, day out (that includes sleep patterns).  It will then link directly to my iPhone via an app and upload all of my information there.  I will be able to view the data and make what tweaks are needed to my daily routines.  The only thing I will have to do is enter my meals.  I'm super stoked to try this out.  It says that those who have used Body Media have had 3 times more success in weight loss. 

A few other things that are helping encourage me along...




For anyone else out there trying to lose weight, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  It might not be easy right now but it will all pay off in the end!  Something that I keep reminding myself, THIS ISN'T A DIET!  IT'S A LIFE CHANGE!  You have to realize that you aren't going to go the rest of your life without eating a piece of cake or having a bowl of ice cream.  It's all about moderation.  The sacrifices you're making now are blessing in disguise.  :)

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