Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 13: The size of a medium shrimp

HOW FAR ALONG? 13 weeks

Excuse the crappy picture... I was in a hurry so it's blurry.

THIS WEEK, THE BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Medium Shrimp - about 3 inches long and weighs nearly and ounce now!

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS/GAIN: Ugh... 5 pounds.  I know weight gain is inevitable but I feel I jumped up that 5 pounds in a hurry... is someone messing with my scale??  LOL  


SLEEP: I'd be sleeping like the dead if it weren't for this stupid cold!  I am so stuffed up!

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Actually being able to feel a little "bump" (or hardness) in my belly.


FOOD CRAVINGS: I have realized my food of choice is definitely a good hamburger.  I could eat one every night, seriously.

SYMPTOMS: I had my first puking incident.  I think I blame the prenatal vitamin though.  I usually take it after I've eaten but I took it prior to breakfast on Sunday and ended with breakfast in the toilet.  YUM! ;)

GENDER: Not sure yet.  Still hoping on a boy.  We will likely find out come 15 weeks though... soon!

FEELINGS TOWARD PREGNANCY: I'm feeling a bit bitter toward it since I can't take any good drugs but other than that it's been great!

WHAT I MISS: Nothing really. 

WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Finding out the gender!

I recently came to a weird realization...
I don't like (or hearing others) calling the baby "it".
Understandably, we don't know what the gender is so "it" seems fitting.
It just bothers me because it's a baby, my baby.
So instead of calling the baby "it", I call "it" baby (until we find out the gender).

I think this realization came to when while having a conversation with James last week.
I told him that it seemed like everyone would look at my belly while talking to me these days.
It feels semi awkward.  Yes, I'm pregnant but you can still look at my face.
I human nature I suppose.  I sure hope that I haven't made other feel weird when they were pregnant!
Anyway, James' comment to my self conscious belly issue was this...
"What to you expect?  There's SOMEONE in there."
Ha!  Someone.... I do have a little someone growing inside me!
This someone isn't an "it".  It's a baby.  My baby.
I truly think that put a whole new perspective on pregnancy for me!
I love my little SOMEONE.  :)

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