Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 10: Thoughts

Here I am, already to week 10.  This week has been a bit rough and I've apparently been slacking at getting this post up.  I've been SOOOO tired and can't seem to get the restful sleep I need at night.  I think this could partly be my lovely fiance's fault, as he is a massively loud snorer!  Between my need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and his snoring, good sleep seems to be something I may never again become too familiar with.

Other than my not so restful sleep, there really isn't anything new to report for the week.  Instead of posting about changes and such (since I haven't experience anything to speak of), I decided that I will discuss some of my thought and feelings.

The one thing that seems to be on my mind constantly is child birth.  Yes, I've still got a long way to go, but there are different options and choices that each mother has when it come to child birth.  For me, it's between an epidural and going natural.  Most days I believe that I can do it without drugs.  I have read that it's a fulfilling experience for mom and you have a sense of great accomplishment.  Not only that, but I've read and heard that the recovery can be quicker and the baby is usually more alert after birth. 

Now, that being said, I don't know about the pain.  My sisters joke that I can't stand to have my hair brushed so how would I be able to make it through childbirth without drugs?  (Note: as a kid I HATED having my hair brushed.  I would whine and cry every time.  Apparently I have a sensitive head or something).  It'd be nice to not really have to deal with much pain but I often think that the sense of accomplishment and other perks of natural childbirth have won me over.

I'm sure this is going to be something that I toss back and forth the entire pregnancy.  It may even end up being something that I'll decide in the moment.    Who knows.  I've got several months before the baby comes so I'm sure I'll be doing more research and such before coming to my final decision.

Another thing that crosses my mind semi-frequently is the classes that the hospitals provide for parents.  My doctor told us that she thinks the classes are great, especially for first time parents.  I think it would be something that I could enjoy.  The problem I see, James has already said that he doesn't want to do the classes.  If I do them, I'd want his support and for him to be there with me.  I'm sure I could change his mind though.  I just don't know if they really are something beneficial to first time moms or not. 

I've heard people talk both ways of the classes.  Some say they're great, other say they didn't really make a big difference.  As the time gets closer, I will have to see how prepared I feel and see if I think the classes would be something that would come in handy for both James and I. 

I have found that there are so many thoughts that cross your mind when pregnant.  Maybe more so for me.  I'm very much so the type that like to have things planned out and know what to expect so I can handle the situation accordingly.  I have realized that I'm not going to be able to do that with all things anymore.  I'm going to have to just sit back and enjoy this ride.  This ride into motherhood.  

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