Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iBaby Monitor

As of today I'm officially 12 weeks pregnant. 
I am holding off on my weekly update until Thursday.
I have my 12 week appointment then and will include word from the doc. :)

In the mean time, I have come across another item that I'm considering for baby.

The iBaby Monitor

James and I came across this while at the CES show in Las Vegas in January.
With both of us being iPhone users, we were immediately sucked in.
Pretty nifty, high-tech device! 

This will link to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer so you can see your baby at any given time.
The monitor pivots and rotates to follow your baby's movement.
You are able to remotely control the camera from whatever device you're using.
Baby's cry or movements can send alerts to you.
It retails for $199.95. 
You can read more about the device HERE.

I can't decide if I'd really utilize it much though.
It comes with a whopping price tag for something that I'm not sure if I'll really use.
My sister told me that she hasn't even thought of needing to buy one for her baby.
Her house is smaller than mine though.
Her baby is always a room's reach away (for the most part).
My baby will have a bedroom upstairs.
Most of the living is done on the main level and the laundry room is in the basement.
It'd be nice to have tabs on baby while doing laundry.
Not to mention to have the piece of mind when we leave baby with a sitter.

Lots of little things to think about.
I think I'm definitely leaning more toward purchasing one.
I have several more months to still decide though!

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